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School Policies

Parents we at Raymond Cree are working hard on making our school a great place to learn. We are enforcing some of our policies to make this happen. It is Raymond Cree’s policy that students are not allowed to use cell phones or any electronic devices, which are not provided by the school, at any time while you are on campus. If students are caught with their cell phones or ear buds, they will be immediately confiscated by faculty and/or staff members for parent pick-up.

Students are reminded each day to put away their cell phones or to remove their ear buds when they are on campus.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation of our cell phone policy.

Hats and hoodies may not be worn in any building on campus. This policy always includes hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, library, gymnasium, locker rooms, and restrooms.

This policy will be enforced on a daily basis and may lead to disciplinary action for those who refuse to comply.
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Tune in to RCMS

Please take a moment to visit the RCMS Matadors YouTube channel, where you can subscribe to view future postings from our ASB team, Administration and talented students! Click on the YouTube link at the bottom of our home page to see our latest video.
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New Feature: Bulletin Board

Be sure to check our new Bulletin Board feature to get the latest District approved flyers. This is the best way to keep informed of group meetings, non-school sponsored sport programs and other events available to parents and students throughout the year.
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BEE Present! Attendance Awareness Survey

We are kicking off our BEE Present! Attendance Awareness challenge.

The grade level with the highest Attendance % will get to select the costume and the administrator that has to wear it for the day.

Click on "Read full Story" to ge to the survey.

Don’t miss out! Remember, BEE here! All day, every day, ALL THE WAY!
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Haryvey Milk - A Musical Celebration- 5/20/2017

Featuring the Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus & the Raymond Cree Choir.Saturday, May 20th at 1pm
Raymond Cree Gymnasium
Keynote Speaker: Andy Sacher, ‘The Lavender Effect’
Food and Beverages will be sold at this event! All proceeds go to the Raymond Cree Associated Student Body.
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