Coach Lowe & Coach Matt with 7th Grade Turkey Bowl Players

Coach Custer & 8th Grade Turkey Bowl players!!!

ASB Cheering for their class. 

Ms. Lane and PLUS enjoying the game.

Ms. Manning and her class enjoying the Turkey Bowl

Ms. Seeger 

Principal - Mr. Marez & Assistant Principal- Ms. Hilsabeck

Ms. Guerrero 

Ms. Willingham showing her school spirit during Disnye week.

Students connecting to the library during lunch. Cree-ating Excellence!

RCMS increasing attendance and connecting students to school. It pays off! Cree-ating Excellence!!

First day was a big success. We are building something special at RCMS.

Cree-ating Excellence! #WIN

Mr. Valenzuela, Ms. Guerrero, Ms. Manning, Ms. Flores, Ms. Griswold, Ms. Hilsabeck, & Mr.Ochoa enjoying the eclipse!

2016-2017 Intermediate Chorus

Boys Soccer 16/17

Champion Cupid Classic 

Trimester 1 4.0 GPA!! Good job Matadors!!

Mr. Thiveos's Art Students provided Dia de los Muertos themed artwork - on display in the Front Office

RCMS Visual Corp - PSHS Homecoming 2016

RCMS Visual Corp - PSHS Homecoming 2016

Your 2016-2017 ASB Leaders

Ms. Green and Ms. Goerzen

Ms. Goerzen & Ms. Langdon - ASB

Ms. Thornhill, Mr. Silva, Mr. Thorson, Ms. Miller, Mr. Wyatt, Ms. Griswold & Mr. Wallace (left to right)

Mr. Trigg & Mr. Been

Mr. Contreras & Ms. Garcia

Ms. Soukup, Ms. Haskell, Mr. O'Neil, Mr. Nugent, Mr. Hansen (left to right)

Ms. Langdon - McTeacher's Night

Ms. Harrell & Ms. Goerzen - McTeacher's Night

Mr. Silva & Ms. Guerrero

Ms. Thornhill 

Contact Information

Bernie Marez - Principal
Sue Hilsabeck - Asst. Principal
Shane Hagar - Asst. Principal
1011 Vista Chino Palm Springs, CA 92262
Phone: (760) 416-8283 Fax:(760) 416-8287

News & Announcements

RCMS Student Cell Phone Pilot 17-18

As part of the RCMS Cell Phone Pilot program; students will be allowed to use their cell phones during lunch in the patio area. This area in considered our Cell Phone Zone.
For confidentiality purposes, students will not be allowed to videotape. Cell phone use is for lunch time only. All other time frames and areas of campus, inside buildings and during passing periods, are off limits for cell phone use. Students caught using their cell phones in non-designated areas and times may be subject to having them confiscated and have parent pick up.
Students: Remember that the school has ultimate responsibility for all policies and programs at RCMS. Depending on overall behavior of the student body; this privilege may be suspended or revoked. Students use their cell phones at their own risk.

The Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)

The Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) is a plan of actions to raise the academic performance of all students.
California Education Code sections 41507, 41572, and 64001 and the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act
(ESEA) require each school to consolidate all school plans for programs funded through the ConApp and ESEA Program
Improvement into the SPSA.

Suggestions for ASB

Have ideas for our school? Suggestions for activities? Want to give input on dances? Use this link to give ASB your suggestions!

Online Lunch Application

Parents, if you have not filled out an online lunch application please click on the link for instructions.

Tune in to RCMS

Please take a moment to visit the RCMS Matadors YouTube channel, where you can subscribe to view future postings from our ASB team, Administration and talented students! Click on the YouTube link at the bottom of our home page to see our latest video.

New Feature: Bulletin Board

Be sure to check our new Bulletin Board feature to get the latest District approved flyers. This is the best way to keep informed of group meetings, non-school sponsored sport programs and other events available to parents and students throughout the year.

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