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California Junior Scholastic Federation (C.J.S.F.)

CJSF meets during  lunch.
The California Junior Scholastic Federation (C.J.S.F.) is an honor organization for 7th and 8th grade students who maintain high academic standards. These students also have an opportunity to perform community service and be further honored for those contributions.
Students who maintain membership for 2 trimesters in 7th AND 8th grade are eligible for an award at the end of 8th grade year at the Honor's Dessert.
Students who are eligible, must turn in their report card and APPLICATION to Mr. Contreras in room 701 or Ms. Thornhill in room  by December 2 for First Trimester. Students have two weeks after notices go out. (Applications are attached at the bottom of this page.)
Membership is open to students who meet the following requirements:
1. Must be a 7th or 8th grader
2. Report card (not progress report) grades must be a C or better. NO D's or F's in any subject, even non-academic, are allowed!
3. Students must have a point tally of 8 or higher. Only academic classes count in the tally.
Points are given for each grade earned as follows
A= 3 pts
B= 2 pts for a Honors class
B= 1 pt in a regular education class
Scenario 1: An honors student has a report card of all A's in academic classes, but a D in P.E. That student is NOT eligible for CJSF.
Scenario 2: A regular ed student has a report card with 2 A's in academic subjects and 2 B's. That student is eligible. Each A is 3 pts (6 total) and each B is 1 (2 total). The total is 8.
At the end of the year, CJSF students who have been admitted for at least one trimester that year may be invited to go on the annual Six-Flags Magic Mountain trip in May.
For more information about C.J.S.F. please e-mail Mr. Contreras or Ms. Thornhill