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The Matador Four

RCMS Students and Staff follow four rules:

Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be a Gracious Professional

We have a lots of practices that ensure that students understand how these rules look in action-in Classrooms, the Hallway, the lunch area, athletic areas, restrooms, and cafeteria.

For example,
Be Safe:Like an interstate at rush hour, passing periods are busy, crowded times. 700 students passing through two hallways or in and out of the building in 5 minutes after they have been working for 50 minutes. So to be safe, we walk on the right, have our conversations to the side, use designated entrance and exit doors, and keep our hands to ourselves.

Be Respectful: Say Please and Thank you, say excuse me, avoid profanity, clean up after yourself at breakfast and lunch, follow the dress code. These all say we respect our fellow students, staff and parents.

Be Responsible:Get to class on time, do your homework, make sure you lock your PE locker, keep your belongings with you.

Be a Gracious Professional: When you make a mistake, just say so and make it right, understand that everyone has bad days, appreciate all the great things Cree has to offer and get involved!

We all make the school community what it is.

Soon, I will post a screencast overview of the Matador Four that we use with students.